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Remus John Lupin

Post by Remus John Lupin on Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:41 pm

Remus John Lupin
Nickname: 'Moony' 'Loony Loopy Lupin'
Born: March 10, 1960
Blood Status is Halfblood.
Years Attended Hogwarts 1971 to 1978
He was sorted into Gryffindor House where he became prefect from his fifth year.
His best friends were Sirius Black, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew.
Also known as the Maraurders. He was Professor of Defence Against the
Dark Arts for one year. However, most of the time he has found it hard
to get paid work. During the war he worked for the Order of the Phoenix.
Current Age: 34
Children:Teddy Remus Lupin
Wife: Nymphadora Lupin -Deceased
Job: DADA Professor, Order Member

Small Fact About Remus
beverage and food preferences appear to include tea, butterbeer, wine,
and chocolate. He has also a liking for rare meats due to his werewolf
condition, Bill Weasley also grew a liking for it during Half Blood
Prince where here was attacked by Fenrir Greyback, the same werewolf
who attacked Remus as a young Boy.
Remus's Personality:
is intelligent, calm, tolerant, gentle, and good-natured. Even after
having suffered a great deal of prejudice in his life due to his
lycanthropy, by other witches and Wizarding classing him as a outcast.
He has managed to keep his ability to see the good in almost everybody
and is extremely forgiving. He also has a good sense of humour and,
when he was a student at school, was one of the 'marauders' alone with
Peter, James and Sirus. He could be described as the mature one in the
group, however, because unlike his friends he never took part in
bullying Severus unlike the other and even became a Prefect in his
fifth year. I kept with them because they like him for who he was and
were there when he needed them most, Especially Lily Evens who showed
him, he was more than just a monster, but a kind and loving person,
which a huge heart.
Remus's Flaws:
Rowling has stated that, Lupin's failing is he likes to be liked.
That's where he slips up he's been disliked so often he's always
pleased to have friends so cuts them an awful lot of slack, because of
his fear or loss.
Human Appearance:
Lupin normally wears a shabby grey cardigan which is slightly moth
eaten in areas. He buys only second hand clothes, this is because of
his appearance, and self confidence, which is slackened due to his
ordeals in life. During the full moons when he was trapped, and a lone
the werewolf would take the anger and fustration on itself, biting and
scratching itself. Which is where his scars came from which ran down is
face and cheeks.
His skin is pale and ghostly, especially around the weeks of the full
moon. His eyes are shadowed and tired looking. Even though Remus is
young in age, the condition causes the stress on the body and makes his
appearance look over, The grey hairs don't help him much either. His
bones are also more frail. I often walks with the aid of a
walkingstick, normally after the full moon when he is most at his
lowest point.
Werewolf Appearance:
creature looks like a wolf, but not fully, The human side is still
there, It;s hair are think and light making them nearly invisible, Its
skin is grey like wolfs fur, but little hair covered the werewolf form
of Remus Lupin. Scars from the past litter if frail body. Its arms and
legs are think and lengthened, looking weak but the werewolf is
anything but, It strength and speed would be no match for a unexecting

Remus John Lupin
Remus John Lupin

Number of posts : 102
Age : 45
Characters Home : Number 12 / Hogwarts
Characters Job : Order Member / Professor
Year : Left
Race :
House :
Health :
50 / 10050 / 100

Relationship Status : Widowed
Dating /Married / Widowed To : Nymphadora Tonks
Parent Of : Teddy Remus Lupin
Registration date : 2008-09-15

Character Biography
Specially Power: Keen scense of Smell, hearing.

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