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Christian Barthalamew (Gryffindor) Crouch

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Christian Barthalamew (Gryffindor) Crouch

Post by Christian Crouch on Thu Oct 02, 2008 7:28 pm

First name: Christian
Middle Name: Barthalamew/Gryffindor
Last name :crouch (which he kept becasue of how it sounded although his mother wanted diffrent)
Age: 26
Blood: pureblood
Mother: Pandora Gryffindor (head of
Father: Barty Crouch jr (loyal Death Eater) Adoptive father Hunter Niall
Brother: Linden (half)
Isabella (half)
Other: Pandora suposedily expectant, another addition considered family by Chrisitan is Pantalaimon- although not human and infact a ferret is considered by
Christian a very close friend with a small bond

Eyes: brown
Height: average height
Build: average build
Cloths: whit shirt/ t-shirt, with either jenes or
black trousers
Skin: Healthy
Nationality British though faint london
accent often surfaces
Personality: headstrong, rebellious. he has a knack for
twisting words and fabricating elaborate stories,although older now still is considered a prankster and still Slightly unruly and often annoying those
who try to care for him as more of an independant, is quick-witted and canny,
often sly and michivious, attitude various depending on his mood though over all
very outgoing and sel confident
Other: Often is told to have a over active
imagination and strong willed

Your good points: quick witted, Canny

Your bad Points: has a habbit for often getting into trouble
anyone who likes him back and who is polite
Fears: the death of a

Where do you call Home: where ever his mother

Character History:

He lives a
privledged life with His mother who loves him dearly and would do anythign for
his safety still although 26 he rarely see's his mother, due to recent working activites over the years he has remained true to the order, and works now as an Auror along side his step-father Hunter Niall- now head Auror When Christian was 5 his father dissapeared now reasons are clear back then as to why.

His mother Pandore, head of Hogwarts broke the under age
rule and taught Christian magic at the age 5 yrs. old, so in hopefullness he
could protect himself against their enemies the De's. His father is one of
Voldemorts loyal DE's, for which his mother exhausted herself trying to change.
But to no avail.

Both sides want Christian to join them. The Order
wishes him to join them when he is of age. The DE's also want him to follow in
the path of his fathers footsteps but the decision has been made by himself he is after all a true gryffindor.

in the form of a ferret was given to Christian by his mother as company,
Christian takes abroad this and soon discovers that infact Pantalaimon is not
just any ferret but is infact one of few enchanted beings that can adapt to
there owner given time. After a while Christian begins to see Pantalaimon
as his dearest companion and friend the name
choosen by Christian of hand of a book, one of Christian favorite the
name is that of a saint in the orthodox churches,
St. Panteleimon, and in Greek means "all-forgiving.", together as there bond
deepens Christian soon whishes that Pantalaimon was apart of him and in various
book it speaks of it, but first he would speak with his mother..from there there
journey is only beginning. 15 years later however, the bond has been formed and the two are inseprable, Christian had aged and with it Pan, although Pan has aged a few years, part of the bond and magic that enchants him, together the two of them remain the same as always, little else does it matter to them what others think.

Christian Crouch
Christian Crouch

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Re: Christian Barthalamew (Gryffindor) Crouch

Post by Remus John Lupin on Thu Oct 02, 2008 7:55 pm


Remus John Lupin
Remus John Lupin

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