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Ella Delilah Thomson

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Ella Delilah Thomson

Post by Ella Thomson on Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:11 pm

Name: Ella Delilah Thomson
Nicknames: El, Thom, Deli, Elle, E
Blood Status: Half blood
Mother: Delilah Thomson [deceased]
Father: Jared Thomson
Children: N/A
Other Family: Trent [little brother]

Family History: The Thomson family are well known in the muggle world because Ella's father is a muggle and a world famous lawyer. Ella had a normal childhood, growing up with her mother and father. When she was eleven she got her letter to hogwarts which shocked her father, but he was happy for his 'little princess.' When she got to Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw and usually hung around by herself, though on an odd occasion she would talk to someone. During her second year, her mother died giving birth to her little brother Trent, who is now now ten.
Once she left Hogwarts with a good set of NEWT's, she went to get a job at the ministry when she realised how they ran things and left that moment; never returning.

Age: 21

Hogwarts History [Adults]: [See above]

Job: Unemployed

Personality: Ella comes across as being a quiet, shy, sensible person, but also outgoing in the company of people. Once she's with people she knows and can trust, she becomes rebellious againsn't things she doesn't like, and like her father once was; she enjoys pranking people.

Flaws: Ella finds it hard to trust people, and won't let them in easily, but when she does, will risk her life to do almost anything for them.

Appearance: Ella stands at 5" 6' and has hazel coloured eyes. When she was younger she had blonde curls, but once her mother died, she became rebellious and died her hair orange; keeping it the same ever since. Her face is heart shaped and she has pale skin, and when she smiled, little dimples appear.

Role-Play Example: Ella sat by the lake, twiddling her fingers in a circle motion as she thought about her mother. This used to be one of her favourite places to bring Ella and Ella hadn't returned since.
She bit her lip and picked up a stone tossing it out into the lake; it rippled and suddenly the rain began to fall. Ella pulled her hood over her head and stood up, and began to stroll around the lake and through the forest, continuing to remember.

I have read the rules and Understand them _Yes_
Ella Thomson
Ella Thomson

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Re: Ella Delilah Thomson

Post by Pandora Gryffindor on Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:43 pm


Pandora Gryffindor
Pandora Gryffindor

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