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Aimee Kim Golding

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Aimee Kim Golding

Post by Aimee Golding on Sat May 14, 2011 1:32 pm

Name: Aimee Kim Golding
Nicknames: Kimmy, Kim-Kim
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Mother: Moon Kim (Muggle)
Father: Justin Chistofer Golding (Wizard)
Children: N/A
Other Family: Kaela Golding (Cousin), Henry Golding (Cousin), Christofer Golding (Grandfather- Deceased), Lauretta Golding (Grandmother- Deceased)
Family History: It all started with my parents, or as they say. It was one of the coldest days in the history of November, with winds blowing this way and that and because of that one day, is how my parents had met. My father, Justin Golding, felt pressured as his time of finding a suitable wife was near. He just didn't know where else to go but to his hometown to clear his mind. When he got to Nottingham, he had soon enough noticed it would be near to impossible to walk to his parents' home; thus, he stopped by a cafe where my mother was working at. And as they say, it was "love at first sight." They eloped, clearly ignoring the wishes of my grandparents who wanted Justin to marry a witch rather than a muggle.
Despite my grandparents' distaste, they couldn't have been happier when I came along. I was born on October 24, at the Birmingham Hospital. And of course, they were even more excited when I turned eleven to get my letter from Hogwarts.
Up till then, my life has gotten even more intense, in both good and bad ways. I've had pretty good years in Hogwarts, minus all of the drama but hey, what else would you expect from a seventeen year old?

Age: 17

Hogwarts History: Aimee is sorted in with the Hufflepuffs and she couldn't be happier. Although she sometimes doubt why she wasn't sorted into Ravenclaw (like her father), she knows what it takes in being a Hufflepuff and still maintaining average to good grades ranks supreme. Currently, she's fretting anxiously for her NEWTS ahead of time.

Job: Student, is inclined to work at St. Mungo's sometime in the future.

Personality: While rough and tough on the exterior, Aimee actually not that bad of a person. At a first glance, she will seem rude, cold-hearted, a bit of a bigot, and a completely spoiled brat. And to make things worse, Aimee doesn't exactly think through before she says it, as she's impulsive in almost every way. However, her intentions aren't evil, just misunderstood. For example, Aimee Kim can be quite the judger, thus her rude-like exterior, yet, on the inside, she could be the most caring person you'll ever meet. Of course, becoming her friend isn't going to be a cakewalk either.

Flaws: Easily provoked, hot-tempered, judges a book by its cover, distrusts many, and is known for being a troublemaker out of class.

Appearance: Golding is of mixed race, due to her mother's side being Asian whereas her father is full British. This attributes her features as she has hazel hued eyes that can go from a light almost-yellow to a deep chocolate. As well as her eyes, her complexion can vary from a dark tan to a milky white. She's also blessed with her father's nose and skin, with a straight nose and chiseled cheeks. Down on her shoulders is her cascading hair, a light brown with natural highlights from being out so much; as Aimee takes much pride in her semi-wavy hair. She has dotted freckles from cheek to cheek too, one of her consenquences from too much sun.
Overall, her appearance is pleasing to the eye with nothing that makes her rememberable nor too striking.

Role-Play Example: 'Ugh, could this day get any worse?' Aimee Golding questioned herself in thought as she stormed past a crowd of first years until she arrived to the door of her first class. She was late by almost twenty minutes because a certain somebody -ahem, one of her dorm mates- took forever taking one shower, one small shower.
Speaking of appearances, Aimee hadn't got much sleep from yesterday's "back-to-school" party making her look too pale and with too dark under-eye circles. She had rushed to get her clothes on, which explained her disheveled look of her shirt and skirt. With humiliation creeping up on her face, Aimee dropped her books and started to pull down her skirt and fix up the rest of what went wrong to her shirt. 'God, I'm a mess,' she thought as she picked up her books and entered class.
A thousand eyes reeled their attention to Aimee, most of them cold and piercing. She couldn't care less as she took up the only seat available, the one right up in front. Eyeing the teacher, she casually stolled in front of the classroom and apologized for her tardiness. However, that didn't seem to work as the teacher's bushy brow curved up and he said, "Miss Golding, detention with me after today."
That was the final straw. Aimee shook her head once, muttering aloud, "Heck no," before collecting her things and walking straight out the door. She was going to ditch today, she decided.

Have I have read the rules and do I understand them?: Yes

Aimee Golding

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