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Christabelle Katharina Whittle

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Christabelle Katharina Whittle

Post by Christabelle Whittle on Fri Oct 03, 2008 11:17 pm

Name:Christabelle Katharina Whittle
Nicknames:Christy, Belle
Blood Status:Pureblood
Mother:Meredieth Whittle
Father:Otto Whittle
Other Family: None

Family History:Christabelle's parents were killed by death eaters during her final year at hogwarts after she was turned into a vampire by Kenji. Christy has pretty much blocked out a lot of what she remembers of her parents due to the fact that she had a huge fight with them right before they were murdered. Her mother was a veela and her father was the German Minister of Magic. In their death she took over as head of the Whittle family and now lives in the house she and several generations of her family had been raised in.


Hogwarts History [Adults] Christabelle came to hogwarts for her final year of school in a way to escape the pressure put on her by her parents to excel in her studies. She had perfect grades and was a prefect for Ravenclaw. While she was there she was reunited with long time friend Kenji Moto and revealed her true feelings for him.

Job:None since her family left her everything, she has found no reason to work at this time.

Personality:Christabelle is a sweet girl with what can be a darker side to her. Though most of her thoughts of what she is going to do a lot of the time make her think of what people will think of her and sometimes how it will effect them.

Flaws:Sometimes Christabelle is a little clumsy and niave.

Appearance:Long waist length curly, Artic blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes. She loves wearing dresses and showing off her figure.

Role-Play Example:Christabelle walked into her house after hearing of her parents tragic murder. She saw the damage that the death eaters had done to the old house and sighed. She fought back what would have been only sobs as best she could. She almost hated herself for not patching things up between her parents. The funeral had only been a few days ago and her parents' bodies only barely in the ground but she still felt their presence. It was as if they were there saying that they forgave her and everything was alright. She began to slowly clean the house up. One of the house elves walked up and spoke to her, "Mistress Christabelle, you don't have to do that. We can...tis our job." Christabelle put a smile on her face and replied, "No, its alright, I want to do this."

I have read the rules and Understand them

Christabelle Whittle

Number of posts : 4
Race :
Health :
50 / 10050 / 100

Relationship Status : Engaged
Dating /Married / Widowed To : Engaged to Kenji Moto
Parent Of : None
Sides : Vampires
Registration date : 2008-09-16

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